RISE Life Management Services (Formerly Addiction Alert Organization)

The Addiction Alert Organization was established in Jamaica in 1989 by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) as its contribution to the demand reduction programme of the National Council on Drug Abuse. The overall goal of Addiction Alert is to implement programmes that bring about a decrease in the abuse of addictive substances and other unhealthy behaviours that often result in emotional stress, dysfunctional relationships, low job productivity, injury, illness, crime, and premature death. To achieve this, Addiction Alert works in collaboration with the National Council on Drug Abuse, the Ministries of Health, Education and National Security, Jamaica Red Cross and other local and overseas agencies.

RISE Life Management Services is a non-governmental organization that was established in October 1990 as Addiction Alert Organization. The primary service provided at that time was an outpatient drug treatment programme, the first of its kind in Jamaica W.I.

RISE Services Include:
  • A Telephone Lifeline - Established in 1994, in response to a need for an Island-Wide Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Abuse Information source, Telephone Counseling and Referral System.
  • Individual and Group - Counseling, Assessments, Referrals and Family Interventions for those suffering from addictive disorders and emotional problems.
  • Drug Testing - For Individuals and Company Employees.
  • Adolescent Drug Abuse Prevention Programmes - In six targeted Inner City communities providing adolescents with life skills training with emphasis on drug abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention; remedial education, parenting workshops, home visits by social workers, psycho-educational assessments and follow-up for students with learning disabilities.
  • Adolescent Facilitating Officers - A cadre of thirteen school graduates (mostly from inner city communities) who have been trained over a five-year period to deliver interventions to adolescents and agencies requesting their expertise in the following areas: Drug Prevention Education, Reproductive Health & HIV/AIDS/STI prevention, Crime and Violence Prevention, Interpersonal Relationships, Peer Resistance Skills, Conflict Resolution, Personal Development, Facilitation & Presentation Skills, Computer Skills, Project Design & Implementation and “Edutainment” - The delivery of Life Skills Education utilizing the Performing Arts.
  • Employees Assistance Programmes (EAPS) Offering Management Control Systems designed for the early identification and treatment of employees suffering from drug abuse and emotional problems. 
  • Policy Development | Employee Education | Supervisory Training | Drug Testing | Individual and Group Counseling | Training Workshops and Holiday Camps. For Adolescents; offering sporting and fun-related activities, drug abuse and HIV / AIDS prevention and other life skills. These are coordinated and implemented by the Addiction Alert Adolescent - Facilitating Officers.

57 East Street (Located at the corner of Laws & Duke Street)
Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
t: 1.876.967.3777 | f: 1.876.967.3779 | w: RISE Jamaica.org

Counselling Lifeline Number
Toll-Free: 1-888-991-4146
Available: Everyday & between 8:30 am - Midnight
Copyright © RISE Life Management Service [Jamaica W.I.]. ~ NGO ~ All Rights Reserved. 



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